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With a growing Middle Class in Tanzania, DMG saw a missing link between the supply and demand of quality goods and services; therefore made it her mission. Consequently, DMG Ltd was established for a sole purpose of making and rendering quality goods and services that best serve the needs of Tanzanian society.

Where as in 2015, DMG kick off her operations with one Department “Trading” and one Product “NURU Coffee ChapChap”.

Currently, Trading Department deals with two business categories; Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG) and General Supply.

Trading - Business Units

  1. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

DMG trades different consumer goods under both our own brand called “NURU” and other brands. Through NURU brand, we supply Instant Coffee Mix and Tea Premix known as “NURU ChapChap”. The Tea Premix has three flavours namely Iliki (Cardamon), Masala (Mixed Spices) and Mchaichai (Lemongrass).

We also expect to introduce other products like Hot Chocolate Drink, Ice Coffee and Vanilla Flavor in the near future. Our Trading Department is open to all potential Manufacturers/Dealers in need of a suitable Product Distribution Agent in the Tanzanian Market.

Trading Business Model

dmg tanzania trading business model
NURU DISTRIBUTORS Manpower Capabilities

Manpower Capabilities​

Trading Department consists of a variety of experts, including Heads of Departments, Product Analysts, Stock Controllers, Territories in Charge, and Sales Representatives.