Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Dar es Salaam Merchant Group Limited (“DMG”) is determined to provide its clients with high-quality and best-in-class products and services by addressing the needs and challenges in the market while ensuring customer requirements and other requirements are met.

DMG is committed to maintain and promote quality management system excellence in all our products and services, where we operate. The goal of our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and visitors shall be to take reasonable and practicable actions to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, where necessary.

We consider quality excellence as an integral part within our business models with the goal of delivering products and services which are high quality and international recognized. Our commitment is to never compromise on the quality of our products and services. We do this by ensuring all our employees “including subcontractors and suppliers are engaged, understood their responsibilities, and be empowered to take actions in order to safeguard our customers and our brands or partners’ brands.

In achieving this, our company is committed to undertake the following actions in every aspect of our business and operations:-

  1. Establish, implement and maintain SMART quality objectives.
  2. Meet and satisfy customer, legal and other applicable requirements, where necessary.
  3. Adapt continual improvement model through continual improvement actions.
  4. Integrating health and safety and environmental practices as part of our quality strategy.

We will ensure this policy is communicated, understood and applied within our group and is available to our interested parties, where practicable.

Rayton Kwembe
Managing Director,
Dar es Salaam Merchant Group