Dar es Salaam Merchant Group Leadership Programme

DMGs leadership programme aims to impart all its participants with excellent and exceptional leadership skills, capabilities but also with a commercial mindset as far as business and the market is concerned. This program has gone deep into selecting the best qualities of any leader in comparison to the contemporary business world both nationally and internationally. It has also taken into consideration the successful businesses in the world but also successful people in different life aspects, broke down their success factors, put them in comparison to business and translate them in this programme.

The programme is designed to thrust the professionalism and mindset of each and every participant whereby at the end of 

the programme each and every member will have a different commercial awareness compared to when they started this programme.

This programme consists of four (4) sections with a total of fifteen (15) modules combined as described below. It will involve exhaustive presentation of content-materials, case studies, videos, quizzes, exercises, pictures and interactive conversations. All of these have unit-marks that will be used in grading you throughout the programme and giving you your final result.

Completion of this programme requires one to attend and contribute in all sessions, complete all quizzes, tasks and assignments given but also all exams. On completion of this programme all participants who have passed will be awarded a certificate and will move from one leadership level to the next.

Level 1 Modules

nuru academy courage
Module 1: Courage

To successfully move from ones comfort zone you need to have a commercial audacity and nerve to take on difficult or any task in any given setting. This module will look into how one can be courages in undertaking different tasks with great courage and self-belief in comparison to the business need. Participants will understand the true necessity of courage in a business setting.

Module 2: Determination

This module focuses on the true power and necessity of one to possess a willpower both personally and in a business setting. The module looks into different successful people in different aspects from sports, music and entertainment and successful businesses with case studies. Participants will understand the importance of determination compared to the current business trends, how to grow their determination scale and its contribution to their career paths and employers.