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Marine Division was established in early 2017 with a motive of conquering Marine Sector in Tanzania. The establishment of this division is a conscious response to the challenges that are facing the Marine Sector in both Shipbuilding and Fisheries ranging from poor infrastructural development, inadequate human resource, poor technology, poor vessels, poor fishing gears, disorganized fish market and low technical knowledge of fisheries projects operation etc.

Dar es Salaam Merchant Group aspires to transform the Marine sector by integrating Shipbuilding and Fisheries. We have in-house experts in both Shipbuilding and fisheries, we work with local and international reputable partners.

Marine Division Timeline


Main Event


Ship Building Unit Started


– Signed Partnership Agreement with three Korean shipyards – Gasentec, Kangnam Corporation, Korea Ship Building Co., Ltd
– Won tender with Korean Partners to build 1,200 passenger ferry in Mwanza, Tanzania


– Awarded contract to supply spare parts for TPA for two years
– Commissioned and supplied one Dinghy Boat at TPA
– Fisheries Unit Started
– Signed contract with Deep Sea Fishing Authority to carry out an economic profile of tuna and tuna like fisheries in Tanzania Marine waters. The project was under SWIOFish program and Financed by The world Bank


– Commissioned and supplied one Hydrographic Boat at TPA
– Framework agreement for spare parts supply to Tanzania Ports Authority – Dar Port
– Started project on Revolution of the fisheries industry in Tanzania in collaboration with TADB
– Surveying and Inspection of MV Mafunzo for Fisheries Education and Training Agency (FETA)
– Specification and Drawings for Fishing Vessels to Ministry of Blue Economy – Zanzibar


– Awarded rehabilitation of MV. Tanga – TEMESA

– Awarded rehabilitation of MV Kitunda – TEMESA
– Supply of new Fery of 300 passengers – TEMESA
– Supply of two (2) Sandblasting Compressors – TPA
– Awarded supply of 131 Fiberglass Fishing boats for Ministry of Blue Economy, Zanzibar

Shipbuilding Operations

Ship Building

Ship Repairs

After Sale Service

Marine Consultancy

DMG has in house experts who can design and supervise building of ship per customer requirement

DMG has experience in Ship repair works such as Hull, Machinery repair, modifications/ conversions

1. During warranty period we take good care of the ship and ensure that all equipment and machineries are operating accordingly.
2. Availability of spare parts.

1. Stability booklet
2. Drawing certification
3. Inclination test
4. Marine Survey
5. Supervision Works

Marine Division Structure

dmg marine division structure