Who We Are

Since time immemorial, Dar es salaam has been a hub of business in the East Africa Region. It has been a gateway towards interior parts of East Africa. From the early times, our Swahili forefathers were the pioneers of trade between Africa and the rest of the world; they are the true first merchants of East Africa.

In that spirit, Dar es Salaam Merchant Group Ltd (DMG) was born to rekindle the spirit of Swahili traders and make Dar es Salaam once again a hub of business in Africa. We are committed to become a provider of choice with quality and reliable goods and services in General Trading, Ship Building and Repair, Deep Sea Fishery, LNG, Infrastructure Design and Construction, Etc

Core Values

Our organization culture is mainly drawn from the existing virtuous African values that can be developed and utilized in the market place.

These values will help us to identity ourselves, but most importantly let our counterparts understand who we truly are.

dmg tanzania core values

Our Purpose

To add value to the society and create long term partnership with mutual benefit.


To add value to society by making products and services that benefits the society, and being a good and responsible corporate citizen.


To become the best company in Africa with the highest standard of professionalism and expertise in the fields that we operate

Our Brand

nuru brand

‘NURU’ is derived from a common but strong Swahili word that means “Enlightenment”. In Swahili speaking region a word “NURU” connects with individuals because of the positive meanings it portray in different perspectives of life; such as religion, girlchild naming, energy, etc.

For DMG, NURU is not just a mere business brand; it is a lifestyle that touches and transform lives in the areas that we operate. DMG interpretation of NURU is Originality, Energy, Knowledge and Hope.

nuru brand


All things and creatures were created following the existence of NURU, hence we can say that NURU is the mother of all.


NURU shines through the sun bringing forth heat and light to the world thus, taketh away the darkness. NURU is the purest form of energy as it can neither be created nor destroyed but shines on all.


NURU shines in the darkness to reveal the hidden and unseen therefore, the sturdier the light, the more the revealed. NURU enlightens our minds enabling us to see, experience, appreciate and deeply understand the known and unknown; NURU is the source of knowledge.


NURU bring forth the grounds for assurance, instill confidence and a feeling of trust to the despaired, NURU visualizes and ensures the possibilities of cheerful future of those who had given up. NURU gives hope in weakness and disparity.